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FAQs: Update Your User Profile

  • Title
    Update Your User Profile
  • Question
    How do I edit my personal information?
  • Answer

    Go to http://coloradowoodworkersguild.org. Login with your username and password. You should see a page which looks like this, except that I have added the text Click Here -> pointing to View Your Profile.

    Click View Your Profile and you should see this screen

    Note that only part of this screen is shown and I've added the text Click here -> pointing to Edit. Click Edit and the screen will change to this

    Again I've added text pointing to Update Your Profile. Click this and you will get to the edit page, which looks like this

    Only part of this screen is showing in the image. Most of the fields can be edited. Some may not be edited and thaat is intentional. If you scroll to the bottom it looks like this 

    When you are done making changes click on the  Update   button. If you wish to discard any changes click on the Cancel button.