CategoryTitleContributed ByDescriptionFileImage
Tools and JigsMike Farrington's Dovetail ViseCary GoltermannThis is a sketchup drawing of the Mike Farrington's Dovetail Vise which he used in his May 2016 presentationDovetailVise.skpDovetailVise.jpg
Tools and JigsKevin Loyd's Dovetail ViseDoug Pinney (PDF file), and Wilbur Goltermann (Sketchup file)This zip file contains two representations of Kevin Loyd's dovetail vise: A PDF file with a copy of an Autocad 2D model, and a Sketchup 3D model filedovetail_vise_by_kevin_loyd.zipdovetail_vise_by_kevin_loyd.jpg
Tools and JigsChris Gochnour's Dovetail JigDoug Pinney (PDF files) and? Wilbur Goltermann (Sketchup File)This zip file contains two representations of Chris Gochnour's dovetail jig: a PDF file copy of an Autocad 2D model, and a file containing a Sketchup 3D model.chris_gochnour_dovetail_jig.zipchris_gochnour_dovetail_jig.jpg
Tools and JigsVeritas Dovetail Saw HandleLee Valley WebsiteThis comes from the Lee Valley Website.veritas_dovetail_saw_handle.pdfveritas_dovetail_saw_handle.jpg
Tools and JigsMortise JigDoug Pinney. Sketchup by Cary GoltermannZip file containing: 1) MortiseJig.pdf PDF plans for Doug Pinney's mortise jig 2) MortiseJig.skp Sketchup of the same design These plans are the basis for a class which will build the mortise jigMortiseJig.zipMortiseJigSkp.jpg
Tools and JigsCurved Surface JigCal NoguchiSketchup file This is the jig I demonstrated that forms a curved surface on the face of a board using a router. All the dimensions are arbitrary depending on the size of your router and the size of board you will be working on.curved_surface_jig.skpcurved_surface_jig.jpg