CategoryTitleContributed ByDescriptionFileImage
Reference MaterialDust and how to protect yourself from itJim McNamee and Lindy BaerThis is a reprint of the reference material used by Jim and Lindy during their presentation of 2017-06-20.Protect_yourself_from_saw_dust.pdfProtect_yourself_from_saw_dust.jpg
Reference MaterialA Cut Above Order Form (xls spreadsheet)A Cut AboveOrder form in Excel FormatA_Cut_Above_Order_Form_v1.xlsA_Cut_Above_Order_form_v1.jpg
Reference MaterialResawing at the BandsawHighland Woodworking WebsiteA PDF copy of an article from Highland Woodworking, the widely acknowledged experts on the subject and manufacturer of the Wood Slicer band saw blade.resawing_made_simple.pdfresawing_made_simple.jpg
Reference MaterialJapanese Joinery A PDF file with an article describing the characteristics of joinery techniques commonly used in Japanese woodworkingjapanese_joinery.pdfjapanese_joinery.jpg
Reference MaterialDrill Bit Speed ChartDeltaA PDF file containing the chartdrill_bit_speeds.pdfdrill_bit_speeds.jpg
Reference MaterialBand Saw SafetyUnknownA PDF file containing an article on band saw safety from the websitebandsaw_safety.pdfbandsaw_safety.jpg
Reference MaterialSketchup Pro 2013 - OS-XTrimblePDF file of a reference card for Sketchup Pro 2013 for Mac usersSketchUp2013RefCardMac.pdfSketchUp2013RefCardMac.jpg
Reference MaterialSketchup Pro 2013 - WindowsTrimblePDF file of a reference card for Sketchup Pro 2013 for Windows usersSketchUp2013RefCardWin.pdfSketchUp2013RefCardWin.jpg
Reference MaterialWood ToxicityLindy BaerThis file contains the slides from Lindy's November 2014 presentation on wood toxicity.Wood_Tox_3.pdfWoodToxTitle.jpg
Reference MaterialHand PlanesOriginal WebsiteA document on the care and use of hand planes to be used as a reference to the January 2015 General Meeting presentation.Planes.pdfPage1.jpg
Reference MaterialCNC Router ResourcesOriginal WebsiteA list of resources for use with a CNC RouterCNCResources.pdfCNCResources.jpg
Reference MaterialA Cut Above Order Form A PDF of the order form which you can print and fill inA_Cut_Above_Order_form_v1.pdfd8b278b4996d6ea9b2f55adb3d70b223_A_Cut_Above_Order_form_v1.jpg