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Fine WoodworkMission Style Coffee TableWilbur GoltermannThis non-traditional Mission table is so named because of its beveled glass inset top, which was not part of the Mission Style. This download file contains a Sketchup 3D model.Mission_Coffee_Table.skpMission_Coffee_Table.jpg
Fine WoodworkKnockdown Patio ChairWilbur Goltermann Originally from Skil ToolsThis clever design for a knockdown self-storing patio chair was found on Skil Tools website. The self-storing chair has two pieces which nest together for compact storage, and which set up in seconds as a comfortable, sturdy patio chair. The downloadable zip file contains two images and a Sketchup 3D model.KnockdownChair.zipPatio_Furniture_Set_Up.jpg
Fine WoodworkCurved Zig-zag ChairWibur GoltermannThis minimalistic chair was originally designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934. The design is functional and comfortable. Its simple lines and minimalist joinery belie its incredible strength. The original design uses three-way interlocking floating tenon joinery, today's version relies on the accuracy and repeatability of the Festool Domino floating tenon system. This chair is not only novel, but is attractive and fairly easy to build. The download file includes a Sketchup file containing my own modification to the chair which adds a bit of curvature to the original very straight and rectilinear design.curved_zig_zag_chair.skpCurved_Zig_Zag_Chair.jpg
Fine WoodworkFoote CabinetJohn WillcoxJohn supplies both a jpeg image as well as the Sketchup 3D model you may download. If you are not yet acquainted with Sketchup, consider downloading it from where you may find both the free version (really all that any of us need), and the Pro version. It is suggested that you start up with the free version until you have gained some ability to use the program. Then, if you install the Pro version, you will get eight hours of use of Sketchup Pro, after which it will revert to the free version. Let me reiterate, \"the free version is all you really need\"FooteCabinet.skpFooteCabinet.jpg
Fine WoodworkGenkan BenchJohn WillcoxThe download file contains a Sketchup 3D model of this bench with a Japanese flare, and the full record also shows a JPG image of John's completed project. This bench was designed and built as an entryway bench with shelves for shoes as you remove them before entering the living spaces.GenkanBench.skpGenkanBench.jpg
Fine WoodworkHaxagon CabinetJohn WillcoxThe download file contains a Sketchup 3D model, and the complete record has a JPG image of John's completed project. The interior drawers in this cabinet have no runners or guides, but depend on the other drawers for support. You can remove any drawer without affecting the stability of the others...HexagonCabinet.skpHexCabinetFirstPrototype.jpg
Fine WoodworkMexican Style DeskJohn WillcoxThe download file is a Sketchup 3D image, and there is also a JPG image of the completed project. This is a southwestern style \"Ladies writing desk,\" done in reclaimed lumber and distressed, including the top which is not shown in the photo.MexicanStyleDesk.skpMexicanStyleDesk.jpg
Fine WoodworkKaidan DansuJohn WillcoxThe download file contains a 3D Sketchup model. This project is a version of a traditional Japanese style cabinet to fit underneath stairs. Basically a series of boxes.KaidanDansu.skpKaidanDansu.jpg
Fine WoodworkHybrid Pedestal Dining TableWilbur GoltermannThis design is an adaptation of a piece found in \"Dining Tables - Outstanding Projects from America's Best Craftsmen\", published by Taunton Press. This is a hybrid between a pedestal table and a legged table. The clever thing is that the four-footed pedestal separates into two three-footed legs when pulling the table top apart to add leaves. This gives diner comfort and seating versatility of a pedestal table, together with the expandability and versatility of a four-legged table. The download file is a Sketchup 3D model. With no leaves, the table is 44\" x 44\", with three 20\" leaves it is expandable from comfortable seating for four, all the way to a 104\" x 44\" table for eight.diningTable.skpTable_with_one_leaf.jpg
Fine WoodworkKeepsake BoxWilbur Goltermann and Doug PinneyThe Guild's first \"Keepsake Box\" class is a two-Saturday class in which Doug guides participants in the production of a lovely 5 ¼\" square box which covers a number of essential fine woodworking skills. The downloadable zip file contains: keepsake box (class design).pdf-2d model of class project keepsake box (class design).skp - 3d Sketchup model of class project keepsake box.jpg - Picture of above completed potpourri box.pdf - another box design (2d rendering) potpourri box.skp - same box in a Skecthup 3d renderingkeepsake_box_files.zipkeepsake_box.jpg
Fine WoodworkVeterans Funeral Urn InstructionsLaura PetersonThose of you who attended the January meeting may remember the Veterans Funeral Urn made by our Treasurer Laura. Many have asked for instructions so thay can make one. Here they areInstructions_for_making_the_Veterans_Funeral_Urn.pdf6a038af2a7e19fb5a4541d6b4124d3a1_FullSizeRender.jpg